Digital Opptur - Website

Digital Opptur needed a new site, following the new standard and design languages.
We focused on making the site easy to navigate and top-ranking on SEO. - React Native app

Proof of concept.

My company recently moved over to's system. We are quite happy with the solution, yet we were missing an important aspect of usage; an app.

I therefore sat out to develope a crossplattform app, which would give us the most critical information from the system.

Features that are implemented:

Cookie widget is a easy to use, yet powerful cookie management platform. Implement a beautiful consent widget on your or your clients sites! Free for non-commercial use, and great pricing on commercial use.

Ads management system

A complex solution which aims to solve the issues related to publishing job vacancies to multiple ad platforms at once. The solution also includes integrations directly with their website, in order to show, hide and edit landingpages & job vacancy pages.

Signature solution

Signature solution developed in order to accept and manage sign ups for after school food programs. Matjungelen is a large healthy food program used in SFO's and kindergartens in Norway - API